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Honey Essential Oils Nilgiri Tea


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Top 10 Major Coffee and Tea Plantation Regions in India

South Indian states are the major producer of Coffees in India with Karnataka 53%, Kerala 28%, Tamil Nadu 11% and remaining from the other states includes Andhra Pradesh, Orissa,Assam and Tripura. Hilly area and good monsoon in this region makes it best place for important varieties of coffee and tea plantation. Indian coffee is considers […]
By : Ootyhub | Sep 14, 2016

list of products production in ooty

List of products production in ooty Products production in ooty Essential Oils Eucalyptus oil is one of list of products production in ooty Eucalyptus Oil extraction is yet another important old time industry here. One can smell the fragrance of the Oil wafting through the air during the course of extraction. Apart from leaves, the […]
By : Ootyhub | Sep 7, 2016

Clove Oil Benefits

Clove Oil Benefits Clove Oil Benefits: Clove oil is widely popular for its antiseptic properties. It is used for wounds, cuts, fungal infections, prickly heat, and athlete’s foot. One can also use it for curing insect bites and nettle stings. Dilute the clove oil by adding carrier oils like almond oil or coconut oil. clove oil […]
By : Ootyhub | Sep 6, 2016

Scented Rose

Scented rose or damask rose (Rosa x damascene) is grown in India for its pleasant, sweet smelling, large, pink to red flowers used for making rose water and Balia districts of Uttar Pradesh, besides smaller area is in Ajmer (Pushkar) and Udaipur districts in Rajasthan. It is a perennial, hardy shrub growing 2m long, with […]
By : Ootyhub | Sep 5, 2016