Turmeric Oil


100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil for Dark Spots.

Helps to get rid of scars and marks.

Excellent Skin Toner



Turmeric Oil Curcuma Longa Pain Relief, Healthy Skin, Skin Brightening for Acne, Dark Spots. 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil

Therapeutic grade turmeric oil: It is 100% pure & natural, authentic essential oil. Turmeric oil is obtained by steam distilled extraction of curcuma longa roots. It is 100% pure & natural, authentic essential oil.

TURMERIC CURCUMIN BENEFITS: Helps in treating acne, scars & blemishes, Contains Antiseptic & Anti-Oxidant Properties, Helps in lightening of skin complexion.

PROMOTES RELAXATION & SLEEP: It helps keep your mind relax and promotes restful sleep. Steam Distilled Turmeric Oil is popular as Ayurvedic oil having great benefits due its soothing aroma that makes you feel calm, comfortable during your toughest moments of life.


Add 5 drops of turmeric oil to your diffuser right before bedtime. Breathe in the medicinal vapors all night long.
FOR JOINTS HEALTH: Add 1 drop Organic Turmeric, and 2 drops Black Pepper in 1 tablespoon of carrier oil and apply to affected areas.


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