Lemon Essential Oil Uses and Health Benefits

Lemon Essential Oil Uses and Health Benefits

Lemon Essential Oil Uses and Health Benefits

Lemon oil is a fundamental oil removed from the skins of the lemon. The peel of a lemon contains numerous sweet-smelling oils and unpredictable mixes. These make up the lemon fundamental oil, which is a sharp noticing, citrus seasoned oil. It is satisfying to the faculties and has numerous applications in fragrance based treatment. Lemon basic oil gives numerous medical advantages. It is likewise an intense cell reinforcement and has a significant impact at the forefront of our thoughts and most profound sense of being.

Lemon, though very common, is a very powerful food. This citrus fruit performs a detoxification of the liver which in a way cleanses the whole body and makes us more active. Lemons are native to Assam, India but they had been transported to most parts of the world way back in the medieval times. They are used not only for culinary purposes but also as a medicinal agent. Many famous herbalists have commented on the medicinal uses of lemons.

Lemons, as we know are citrus fruit, that is they are tart to taste and have high amounts of citric acid. There are many other citrus fruits and almost all of them produce an essential oil which has characteristic aroma of that fruit. Some of them are –

Orange oil
Bergamot oil
Grapefruit oil
Mandarin orange oil
These oils are so pleasing, aromatic and bear a refreshing aroma.


Lemon essential oil is very powerful at certain things, like driving away insects. It is a natural insecticide. It exhibits many more beneficial therapeutic properties.

Anti-rheumatic – relieves pain and inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis.
Anti-inflammatory – lemon oil is strongly anti-inflammatory.
Anti-oxidant – lemon essential oil is a moderately powerful antioxidant among oils.
Cicatrizant – heals wounds.
Anti-parasitic – aids the body in expelling worms.
Anti-tumor – inhibits the growth of tumors.
Expectorant – helps in expelling phlegm.
Diuretic – increases urine output.
Anti-bacterial – strongly active against specific bacteria, like P. acnes ( the acne bacteria )
Anti-fungal – helps in killing mold and common fungi.
Carminative – promotes release of intestinal gas.
Rubefacient – reduces redness on skin.
Anti-anemic – prevents anemia when taken internally.
Diaphoretic – increases sweating naturally.
Hypotensive – reduces blood pressure
Insecticide – drives away many insects and even kills many of them.
Anti-pyretic – reduces fever.
Anti-septic – prevents infections in wounds, cuts and scrapes.
Anti-sclerotic – relieves and prevents multiple sclerosis.
Stimulant – awakens the senses and makes a person get more information about the environment.
Antinociceptive – reduces the sensation of pain by blocking the path of pain along a nerve.
Cleanser – effective cleans any surface off dirt, grease and germs.
Phototoxic – makes skin sensitive to the sun. Leads to accelerated sun damage and faster tanning.
Anti-viral – It also helps the body in killing certain types of viruses.

Uses and Health Benefits

Lemon oil for acne

Lemon essential oil kills the Propionibacterium Acnes which is believed to the bacteria that causes acne [1]. It resides in the pores of our skin and in the oil glands. Lemon oil can be applied to the skin in order to kill these bacteria. When their numbers start to lower, there is much lesser inflammation in the oil secreting glands. This eventually reduces the chances of a skin pore turning into a red, swollen inflamed pimple.

How to apply lemon oil for acne ?


Lemon essential oil
Carrier Oil ( Jojoba oil only )

Directions / How to use

Take 10 ml of jojoba oil, organic and cold pressed. Add 4 – 5 drops of lemon oil. The combination readily smells like a hundred lemons. Mix it well. Now, massage this oil on acne that is active or dormant. Make sure to cover the whole area, and not just the pimples because acne bacteria could be residing anywhere in that region. So, if you have acne on your back, that means the massage should be done on the entire back which takes up lot more oil.
The oil may sting. That’s because lemon oil is pungent and antiseptic. If it interacts with fresh blood from a pimple, there would be sharp, stinging pain. However, it is generally harmless as lemon oil is only trying to protect the blood from getting infected while it has come to the surface.
Apply the oil only at night, never during the day. Next morning, wash the face and apply sunscreen or sunblock. This is required because lemon oil would have made the skin photosensitive.

 Lemon oil for skin

One can also incorporate lemon oil in regular skin care. Since it is an essential oil, it is essential that it is added in small amounts to base oil. To use lemon oil for skin massage, dilute it in this manner.

Take 4 oz oil bottle, about 100 ml or so. Add 15 drops of lemon essential oil, and other oils that blend well with lemon oil, like lavender, orange and bergamot. For carrier oils, there is a large set of options.

Lemon oil for toenail fungus

Take a skillet of water and heat up some water in it. When it is sufficiently warm to tolerate for the skin, include around 20 drops of lemon fundamental oil. Mix the water and after that inundate your feet in it. This feels unwinding and mitigating for the feet, sort of like foot spa.

Lemon oil for Hair

Lemon oil is excellent for getting rid of dandruff, just like lemons are. It is a cleansing agent and can be used in herbal washes, shampoos and conditioners. A simple way to get rid of dandruff is to add 4 – 6 drop of lemon oil in about 300 ml water. Wash the scalp with it. Use more water if needed, but use lemon oil in the given ratio. After the wash, comb hair after putting some hair oil. One would notice lots of dandruff coming out if there was any before the wash.

Uses of lemon essential oil around the house

Besides its health benefits, lemon oil is also great for the upkeep of a house. It is an aid in the kitchen. These are some of its uses.

Cleanse greasy hands and items – Grease is disgusting. If you have been working on a mechanical device which has lubrication, chances are that your hands get soiled in grease. It is difficult to wash away even with soap. Use lemon oil to get rid of grease. Add 8 – 10 drops of lemon oil in warm water in a mug. Put your hands in this solution. Keep the hands in it and then use soap. The grease now comes off much easily. If it is still sticking to the skin, then there is a workaround. Take a cotton ball and dip it in olive oil. Add 3 – 4 drops lemon oil over it and then rub your hands with this cotton. Grease should now dissolve away.

If there is grease on a machine part or kitchen utensil, get your regular scrubber. Add few drops of lemon oil on the scrubber and rub the utensil firmly. This is powerful enough to cleanse away greasy substances.

Sanitize your house – Lemon oil kills many pathogens. it can be used in regular household cleaning product to add more antiseptic power to it. Add 4 – 5 drops to a bottle of cleaner and wash your kitchen counter tops, tables, desks, movables, and any other item. Keep it away from things that are inflammable, as lemon oil can inflame in presence of heat.

Keep moths and insects out of the closet – take ping pong balls. Coat them in lemon oil and place in the closet and other places where insects may come, like in the windows and over drains. Insects don’t like citrus smell, so they stay away. One of the best natural insect repellents is citronella oil, which has a lemon like scent.Lemon oil sprayed on wood keeps insects away and prolongs the life of wooden furniture.

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