11 Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Oil Massage To Baby

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11 Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Oil Massage To Baby

Applying too much of pressure: It might cause pain and discomfort to the patient. Very gentle pressure or just smearing the oil over the skin is good enough.

Contact to eyes: Many of the herbal oil ingredients will be hot in potency and may irritate eyes of the baby.

Entry into mouth: May induce throat irritation and vomiting.

Holding the baby in your hands: Because the oil is very slippery, the baby may slip out of your hand. So, make her sit on a mat or a soft towel.

Leaving the oil on the body for more time: Ideally, 10 – 15 minutes gap between oil massage and bathing is good enough for babies.

Massage soon after or just before feeding – This may cause indigestion or vomiting. Ideally, there should be a minimum gap of 30 – 45 minutes between feeding and massage.

Using a very cold oil for massage: If you live in a cold area, or during winter, it makes sense to heat the oil to 40 degree Celsius before using for massage.

Allowing the baby to crawl around after massage: Baby may slip and fall. Keep all the things that you need near you, before you start the massage. Do not leave the baby alone, after applying the oil.

Massaging while baby has cold and fever: Massage is best avoided during cold and fever.

Using cold water for bathing – After massage, only lukewarm water should be used for massage. Otherwise, the applied oil might remain back on the skin.

You, watching TV, Facebook / twitter while massaging: Better watch your lovely baby than other watching other stuff.Overall, oil massage to your baby is a good way to promote body strength and immunity, if done the right way.

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